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Take Control<br>  of Your Energy

Take Control
of Your Energy

Experience the Freedom of Energy Independence with Sunworks' industry-leading commercial solar power solutions.

Nationwide Leader in Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, and Residential Solar

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Experience, Integrity & Stability Set Us Apart

The benefits of solar power, from both a cost perspective and an environmental perspective, are too great to ignore. But outfitting your business or home with a solar power system is a complex process that requires hard-earned expertise across a variety of disciplines.

Sunworks has the right team to handle the entire project from A to Z. When you choose Sunworks, you’re choosing a reliable, proven provider who will be at your side for the long haul.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Since 2022, Sunworks has been committed to providing only the highest quality commercial solar power solutions to a vast range of clients spanning across the United States.

One-Stop Shop

Coordinating engineering, procurement, and construction is essential for creating a great solar power system on time and on budget. Sunworks handles every part of the process from A to Z in-house, ensuring the best product in the shortest time possible.

Unsurpassed Maintenance, Service, and Support

Solar is a long-term investment, and you need a provider that is ready to make a long-term commitment to serving your needs. Sunworks’ in-house Operations & Maintenance (O&M) team is here to support you for the full lifespan of your solar power system.

Solid Guarantee

Quality, value, and integrity are essential components of how we do business, and they’ve made us unquestioned leaders in our industry. We provide an industry leading warranty program and are committed to customer satisfaction.
Commerce Printing / Gil Caravantes
“A lot of the companies we do business with are looking for a company that is green, who is helping the environment. Solar has helped us tremendously to gain more clients. I would highly recommend Sunworks.”
01 / 10
Santa Ana Packaging / Peter Yen
“I highly recommend Sunworks because they were easy to work with. Contracts were easy to go over. Everything was nicely done. I can't wait to work with them in the future.”
02 / 10
Desert Valley Credit Union / Eric Bruen
“The best types of companies recognize when something is wrong and they try to make it right or actually try to make it more valuable to the client. I really appreciated that about Sunworks.”
03 / 10
La Tourangelle / David Pringle
“As energy costs continue to go up in the future, our costs stay the same which will protect us down the road. We will continue to work with Sunworks on future projects.”
04 / 10
Colusa Rice / Joe Tauscher
“You can drive anywhere around the country and see what a Sunworks job is versus a competitor. It's just built to last. ”
05 / 10
Maxville Winery / Tim Allen
“I think it's fabulous! You take control of your own future with a [solar power] system like this. And you are less subject to the whims of the outside world. ”
06 / 10
Rivermaid Trading Company / Chiles Wilson, Jr.
“We are very satisfied with Sunworks' ability to facilitate the entire process from design to final permit. ”
07 / 10
Sierra College Self Storage / Jason Belles
“This is our fourth project with Sunworks, and it won't be our last! ”
08 / 10
Bishop's Pumpkin Farm / Lee Bishop
“Sunworks did a great job recommending the equipment that we ended up picking. They determined what they thought would work best for us.”
09 / 10
Butte County Rice Growers Association / Carl Hoff
“One of the key things that we felt was the key part of why we went with Sunworks was this was a turnkey project. I turn the process over the Sunworks and they set this facility up, got it up and running, handled the interconnection agreements, it was truly a turnkey project.”
10 / 10

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