Harvesting the Sun for Agricultural Gains

Our experience has shown that farmers are one of the best long-term planners in business. Consequently, most people in agriculture are also more connected to the long-term financial benefits of solar.

With ample roof space on barns, overhangs, as well as extra ground space, solar is the ideal solution to help farmers cut down on operating expenses. Additionally, farmers and ranchers go solar to insulate their operating costs against unpredictable rising energy rates. Best of all, the solar system typically pays for itself in a short amount of time, delivering free electricity for decades to come.

Turn your annual farm revenue into a long-term asset with great tax benefits. Anything you run on grid power will run exactly the same on solar power. The only difference is, you’ll see long-term savings in your electricity costs!


Featured Agriculture Project: Kendall Jackson Family Wines

Solar energy is a great way to take some of the burden of operational overhead off your shoulders. Whether it be a rice dryer you’d like to offset, or numerous pumps you’d like to aggregate, Sunworks can make it happen.

“We are extremely satisfied with Sunworks’ ability to facilitate the entire process from development, financing, and installation. They went the extra mile to overcome any obstacles that got in the way and made sure we were always informed. As we grow our operation, we will continue to contact Sunworks for all our solar energy needs. Their customer service and level of integrity was far superior to what we have experienced in the past.”

William Stone
Drumheller Dryers


A Neighbor in Agribusiness

Agriculture is at the core of what we provide throughout the state of California. Headquartered in an agriculture state, we understand and value the importance agribusiness provides to our livelihood. Our vast experience in agriculture, serving farmers, ranchers, processors and rural communities, means you have a partner who understands your business and unique needs. Sunworks offers the best financing relationships available to help you with install your solar project. We are also proud to say that we locally employ people in the heart of all the agricultural communities we serve.

Call Sunworks today and we will make a personal visit to your location to speak with you about solar and what design we recommend to save you money.

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