• January 14, 2015

Solar Power for Agriculture

As you work your land and conduct your daily business, we are here to work for you. Agricultural solar projects yield long term savings, tax benefits, and near-zero electricity rates for farms, orchards, and dairy producers. Sunworks has completed solar solutions that lower operating costs while optimizing crucial real estate for mission critical growing and processing.

We are experienced in providing solar energy solutions for agricultural businesses. We understand how to balance solar technology with environmentally conscious agricultural operations, existing infrastructure or new construction, while protecting you from the negative effects that rate increases can have on your profitability.

Associations and Partnerships are the heart and soul of our business. We are involved with local associations and organizations that are dedicated to advocating for their members’ best interest.

Solar energy is a great way to take some of the burden of operational overhead off your shoulders. Whether it be a rice dryer you’d like to offset, or numerous pumps you’d like to aggregate, Sunworks can make it happen.

“We are extremely satisfied with Sunworks’ ability to facilitate the entire process from development, financing, and installation. They went the extra mile to overcome any obstacles that got in the way and made sure we were always informed. As we grow our operation, we will continue to contact Sunworks for all our solar energy needs. Their customer service and level of integrity was far superior to what we have experienced in the past.”

William Stone
Drumheller Dryers

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At Sunworks, we believe in developing solar projects based on direct immersion with your business processes. Our team frequently participates in industry specific educational programs that help us to better understand how solar can impact and enhance your operations.

From hands-on, almond growing techniques to commercial real estate management, we strive to continuously learn about your business in order to provide you with the most appropriate recommendations for your solar project.

Our focus includes improving the on-boarding process, preparing you for a successful solar future, and initiating a long term, trustworthy alliance.