• December 2, 2014

Solar Power for Businesses

Goals and Priorities

Sunworks will help you make informed decisions when selecting a solar solution. We assist you with understanding the configurations available in today’s market including differences and trade-offs among various solutions. Our team will perform the due diligence necessary to gather data about your business, property lines, flood zones and local restrictions. We will also determine your required electrical capacity, solar metrics, and load characteristics. We will ask the right questions and determine the appropriate solutions for matters that you must consider, including:

  • What will soil testing tell us about your ground?
  • Do we need to overcome roof constraints?
  • How will prevailing wind affect your installation?
  • How will shade affect your solar system’s performance?

Using an in-depth, consultative approach, we will explore your site with an open mind and apply solutions that take every important factor into account.

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Investment Grade Products

Our in-house team includes seasoned, electrical and mechanical industry veterans who know the industry. They will select the proper components specifically tailored for your performance needs. These components will minimize electrical loss during transmission, optimize inverter loads and wire runs, and take advantage of design efficiencies

We will recommend components that are specific to your application needs to ensure maximum performance of your solar system. We have cultivated professional relationships with multiple manufacturers of panels, inverters and mounting systems. Through our extensive supply chain research, partner studies, and relationships with manufacturers, we will help you choose the products that will serve you best.

“When you consider carbon emissions reduced in those dramatic terms, you begin to comprehend the significant effect of a green project, such as the solar installation of our solar carports by Sunworks. We couldn’t be more pleased with our partnership. Our residents not only desire all the best amenities in an active adult community, they also seek to belong to a place that is environmentally conscious.

We are doing something that will have a positive impact for the next 40 years. It is estimated Sun City Lincoln Hills will generate 75 % of our electricity needs from solar. The reduction in carbon footprint is equivalent to 277,791 trees planted.”

Ken Silverman
Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association Board of Directors