You harvest the land, We'll harvest the sun.

Sunworks will help you yield long term savings, tax benefits, and near-zero electricity rates.

Why Sunworks?

We are a full Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company. We will manage your solar project from beginning to end, including permitting, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance (O&M). We take care of the full process, so you can focus on what you do best: running your agricultural business.

Why should your business go solar?

There are many benefits to going solar for your business. Going solar can drastically reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill.

Solar can shield you from future energy rate increases by municipalities and give you energy independence from the utility companies.

By powering your business with solar, for little to no upfront cost, you increase the value of your business while protecting the environment around us.

There's a reason we call it "going green". Solar is 100% clean, sustainable, and renewable energy. Make a positive impact on the environment and share it with your customers.

Sunworks will provide you with a set of financial solutions that  establish the path toward long-term stability, predictability and cost savings. Our solar purchase and lease structures are designed to provide you with the most appropriate options and competitive rates available.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA)

Net Energy Metering (NEM) is a special billing arrangement that allows you to obtain an annual credit related to your solar system. Using a single utility meter, excess electricity that you generate is sent back to the utility grid. It provides a savings calculated by the difference between the amount of electricity that your system generates versus the amount consumed.
Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA) allows businesses to connect multiple meters on the same, contiguous, or adjacent properties. NEMA is also advantageous for systems that are subject to different utility rates. By offsetting the electricity bill on multiple meters throughout your properties, you can increase your overall return on investment. NEMA offers a cost-effective approach to solar system maintenance by allowing you to include additional meters now and in the future.

Sunworks Installs Rapid Rack

Rapid Rack’s unique insertion rail technology allows for quick installation and produces an aesthetically superior array. The system reduces approximately 21,000 parts per MW assuming the standard clamping technology of the competition.  This greatly reduces installation labor costs. Additionally, our slotted rail/ slot nut design reduces fastening time and parts loss in the field.  Our system is kind to solar modules by allowing for thermal expansion and contraction.  Module life span can be increased by the reduction of hot spots that can be created by standard mounting methods.

What Other Agricultural Business Owners Are Saying

The construction process went very smoothly, Sunworks efficiently managed and coordinated their crews without any impact to our core business. They planned around our needs, working within our schedule and budget to ensure that we didn’t experience any downtime.

Carl Hoff

Butte County Rice Growers Association

As a family-owned agricultural business, our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship have always been cornerstones of our company and the companies we work with. Implementing this program supports our dedication to sustainability and saves company resources, which ultimately benefits our consumers.

Chris Indelicato

Delicato Family Vineyards

Sunworks representatives and crews were very helpful and reliable. Any questions I asked were answered thoroughly and concisely. I really liked the custom ground mount racking system, which was much superior to the competition. We are now producing clean energy for our organic farm and processing facility.

Ed Sills

Pleasant Grove Farms

Every day we’re able to stay focused on our core business while Sunworks handles the warranty, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of our solar system. They ensure that our system performs at optimal production level.

Jason Dunbar

Double D Farms

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