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June 18, 2021

Are Solar Panels Right for My Business?

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Is it time to invest in solar panels for your business? Solar power has advanced to the point that many people and businesses alike are finding it economical and practical. By installing solar panels business can cut costs while generating their own electricity with rooftop panels. However, proper solar panel installation isn’t something to jump right into. There are many considerations to keep in mind when deciding if solar panels are the right investment for your business.

Examine Your Energy Needs

An energy audit determines exactly how much energy your business uses. You can maximize savings by updating appliances you use to be more energy efficient. Solar power will be more cost effective if you know your top energy needs and can reduce unnecessary expenditures. You may then see a return in that investment within the first three to five years; and the system may last 20 years or more after that.

Look at Your Business’ Roof

If you’re installing solar panels on the roof, it’s important to consider:

Roof Shape:

Depending on the size and shape of your roof, there may or may not be enough room for solar panels. Restructuring a roof will add a significant cost to the project. You therefore may not get the expected return.

Roof Repairs:

If your roof is old or needs repairs, take care of any roof work before installing solar panels. This avoids having to dismantle them later. You can also reduce maintenance costs by matching the warranty of the roof and panels, so each is covered and likely to last.

Roof Slope/Weight/Drainage:

The slope of your roof should provide the most possible sun exposure, to maximize output. The structure must also be able to handle the weight of solar panels to avoid collapse. Also, make sure solar equipment doesn’t interfere with water flow and drainage.

Contact Your Local Utility

Does your local utility company offer incentives for installing solar panels? There are many incentive programs for businesses but not every utility has them. Your solar power system must connect to the grid. The utility company can explain how long it takes to get hooked up, whether you’ll pay any fees, and how/when you’ll be credited for generated electricity.

Always Shop Around

Not all solar installation companies are the same. A reputable contractor that charges fair prices can save your business money in the long run. It’s best to compare a few quotes. Before signing a contract, learn as much as you can about financing, ownership, and performance as well as how data are collected on electricity production and usage. And beware of the cheapest options. Cheap solar panels may be less durable, produce less power, and be a safety hazard.

Get the Proper Insurance

Before getting solar panels, make sure your business is properly insured. It will cover the costs should anything go wrong during installation. Review local building codes and regulations as well. Rebates and some certifications may also require you to be insured. Check with your state and municipality to determine what rules apply.

Maintaining Solar Panels

When you consult with a contractor, learn about the maintenance needed for your solar panels and roof. Can your business manage the required maintenance procedures? If not, then the equipment probably won’t last as long as it’s designed to.

Contact Sunworks USA

At Sunworks USA, we help businesses and homeowners switch to solar power and eliminate their dependence on grid energy. Our experts can determine the best solution and manage your project from design and permitting to procurement, construction, and operation. We even assist with maintenance. Call us at 866-600-6800 today!

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