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June 7, 2021

Can Solar Panels Protect My Roof?

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Installing solar panels on your roof provides independence from the grid and can provide long-term energy savings. However, most solar articles don’t cover impact solar panels have on your roof. Here, we’ll talk about solar panels and your roof, including the little known benefit of how solar panels can protect your roof.

How Are Solar Panels Installed?

While some homeowners worry that installing photovoltaic panels will damage their roof; if installed properly, the installation process won’t cause any damage. The key to solar installation is to ensure you have a licensed, qualified installer to do the work. Find reputable installation companies that will address your concerns and questions, inspect your roof, and take detailed measurements before starting.

The installation process requires drilling holes for the lag bolts that secure the panels even in the most extreme weather conditions. Flashing is installed in roof tiles around the bolt fixtures to prevent water leaks. It’s a metal or plastic shield that is sealed to the roof with tar or something similar. The hole for each lag bolt is also filled with a sealant.

However, there are newer options, such as solar shingles and solar roof tiles, that don’t require drilling holes in your roof.

Is My Roof Strong Enough for Solar Panels?

Most roofs are strong enough to support the weight of solar panels. It is extremely unlikely a solar array will compromise structural integrity. The panels are also installed at an angle, so snow will slide off rather than accumulate on them and add weight.

Solar Panels Can Protect Your Roof

There are additional benefits that aren’t discussed as often as the perks of solar power. The protective aspects of solar panels on your roof include:

  • Protection Against Inclement Weather: Solar panels can provide a barrier against rain, snow, hail, and high winds (including tree limbs and debris that can be blown down), protecting the roof and perhaps adding life to it.
  • Cooling: Absorbing sunlight, solar panels prevent it from hitting the roof surface, thereby keeping it cool (the panels themselves can be kept cooler by air that flows between them and the roof). The roof-cooling effect of a solar array can also help reduce indoor temperatures.
  • Options for No Hole Drilling: A roof clamping system or ballasted racking system can be used for installation to avoid drilling holes.
  • Potential Increase in Roof Value: Investing in solar power can increase the value of your roof and home. That means possibly recouping installation costs when you sell your home or even profiting from a higher sale price.
  • Professional Service Guaranteed: Solar companies are committed to ensuring panels are properly installed and that your roof is protected during the process. Many installers are careful which roofs they service, as a roof a few years old will eventually need replacement, so they may not consider an installation unless the roof is updated.


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