CEO Helping Sacramento Residences & Businesses Go Solar

By December 8, 2014PRESS

CEO Helping Sacramento Residences & Businesses Go Solar

by Karen Hansen M.S. Earth Sciences


Managing a business that has doubled year after year since its inception has been nothing short of hard work; but working with driven and dedicated individuals, and seeing their success as well as the direct impact we’ve had in the industry has been extremely rewarding,” reports Abe Emard, CEO of SUNWorks and board member of the parent company Solar3D. His chief focus at SUNWorks is to continue building a sustainable and profitable renewable energy corporation with growth into new markets through commercial and residential divisions.

sac-business-abe-emardEmard has lived and worked his entire life in the Sacramento Region, where SUNWorks has decided to keep its headquarters. Retaining leadership for the division here is important to Sacramento’s economy. In addition to helping local residences and businesses go solar, SUNWorks’ applications ripple through the economy to benefit many other local industry partners such as: WESCO Distribution, Granite Electrical Supply, United Rentals, Golden State Energy Audits, Cal State Fencing, iAlarm, Swan Engineering, Pitman Engineering, MCM Roofing, and even Clear Channel Radio.

Emard’s solar fingerprints are popping up all over the region in local businesses and institutions such as: Recycling Industries Inc., UC Davis, Folsom Prison, Jatagan Security, Gilbert Ranch, Rio Oso Groves, Jeff Moresco Farms, and Sacramento Valley Walnut just to name a few. However, Emard’s biggest accomplishment would be Jackson Family Wines, having received even accolades from President Obama.

How does one venture into this type of career path? Emard pursed the U.C. Davis extension program in construction management, while also taking continuing education courses focused on energy efficiency & solar photovoltaics. Recently, he even earned a C10 Electrical License, and plans to pursue continued education in business and construction management, as well as obtain his C46 Solar Photovoltaic License.

Emard states, “Most of my success has come from having found valuable business mentors, hard work, resilience, and dedication to my industry. I have always maintained the mindset that no hurdles will prevent me from reaching our goals; and we will continue to focus on many other local businesses to provide safe, clean, and reliable solar power to help businesses achieve energy independence.”