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Butte County Rice Growers Association (BUCRA)

2221 kW
Richvale, CA
Project Details
Project Type: Agricultural
Butte County Rice Growers Association (BUCRA) is a farmer owner, grower corporative established in 1914. BUCRA has members that they help by putting their crop in, giving crop input supplies, providing seed dry and store the rice after harvest and also assist the members with their marketing needs. Post harvest, BUCRA has a high demand of electrical needs in order to dry the rice.


The challenge BUCRA faced prior to going solar was offsetting the electrical cost for the rice plant. They also felt it necessary to be good stewards and do whatever they could to help save the environment.


With the help of Sunworks, Butte County Rice Growers Association (BUCRA) built the first solar-powered rice drying facility in the world in 2004. In 2009, BUCRA added a second solar power system. This array has dual-axis trackers allowing for even more productivity by rotating and following the sun's pattern. In 2016, a further commitment to renewable energy was made by adding a solar array at BUCRA's main plant. This ground mounted solar array can generate over 2.0 MW of electricity. BUCRA's solar station is state of the art and critical to ensuring their commitment to environmental stewardship.


Now with the help of solar, BUCRA is able to produce the electricity needed at the plant while also being environmental stewards. The solar panels installed by Sunworks will continue to generate energy well into the future saving BUCRA thousands in energy costs.
“One of the key things that we felt was the key part of why we went with Sunworks was this was a turnkey project. I turn the process over the Sunworks and they set this facility up, got it up and running, handled the interconnection agreements, it was truly a turnkey project.”
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