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658 kW
Arbuckle, CA
Project Details
Project Type: DC Ground and Roof Mount
Chamisal Creek Ranch in Arbuckle, CA is a fourth generation California family orchard. The ranch has been in the family since 1977. Chamisal Creek Ranch is a Blue Diamond Almond Grower who farms about 800 acres of almonds on the ranch and approximately 120 acres of wine grapes that they happily grow for the Gallo Family as well as for their own private label, Grindstone.


Chamisal Creek Ranch takes pride in their sustainability efforts across the business organization as they strive to take their property and make it better for generations to come. Some of the challenges they were hopeful to overcome was to lower their carbon footprint and have all the energy needs for the entire farming operation covered. The answer? Solar energy.


With their thoughts of sustainability, Chamisal Creek Ranch thought solar would be a perfect fit for everything that they believe in. So in 2016, Chamisal Creek Ranch consulted with Sunworks to install 658 kW of solar in the form of roof mount and ground mount systems at their property.


The 2,124 modules that have been installed onsite at Chamisal Creek Ranch have allowed this agribusiness to achieve their goals of maintaining cost savings, increase the value of their business and maximize the energy needs for their farming operation.