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224 kW
Colusa, CA
Project Details
Project Type: Agricultural
Colusa Rice Company is a drying and storage rice facility. They deal primarily in paddy rice. However, they will occasionally assist growers with the marketing of rice. Colusa Rice came to Sunworks with interest in going solar. Sunworks was able to work with the rice company to create the perfect sized solar panel system for their specific needs. In 2007, a 224 kW solar power system was installed.


With rising energy costs increasing month after month for the rice company, going solar seemed to be the perfect solution.


With the help of Sunworks determining the perfect size solar panel system for Colusa Rice, the company is now able to be more environmentally friendly while also saving thousands on electric cost year after year.


Colusa Rice is proud to have a solar power system on their property because it shows they are environmentally friendly while also saving hundreds on electric bills year after year.