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Desert Valley Credit Union

100 kW
Project Details
Project Type: Commercial
Desert Valley Credit Union serves about 6,000 members in the area of Ridgecrest, CA. After five or six years of researching solar, Sunworks came to DVCU with a solution for the perfect solar panel system with battery backup and EV charging stations. DVCU was proud to own one of the first public EV chargers to be installed in the Ridgecrest, CA area.


In July 2019, two major earthquakes hit the Ridgecrest, California area. It was at that time that the CEO of Deserst Valley Credit Union decided it was time to lead by example and install a solar power system with a back up battery and EV charger at Desert Valley Credit Union for any future emergency situations.


To be prepared for any future energy disasters, DVCU decided it was time to install a solar power system with a battery backup.


A beautiful solar panel system with battery backup and EV charging stations was installed at DVCU. The CEO of DVCU loved how everything was contained in one room for the battery backup and loved how aesthetically pleasing the overall project made the property look in the end.
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“The best types of companies recognize when something is wrong and they try to make it right or actually try to make it more valuable to the client. I really appreciated that about Sunworks.”
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