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431 kW
Rio Oso, CA
Project Details
Project Type: Agricultural
DeValentine Farms in a rice farmer in Rio Oso, CA. DeValentine Farms partnered with Sunworks for their solar power needs in order to become more efficient with their operating costs. In 2015, Sunworks was able to help DeValentine Farms reduce their carbon footprint by installing a 431 kW solar power system.


DeValentine Farms was facing high electricity bills from flooding their rice fields and came to realize the need to reduce operating costs.


With the help of Sunworks, DeValentine Farms was able to include a 431 kW solar panel system to their property to reduce the cost for electricity on the farm.


Now DeValentine Farms is able to run smoothly and be proud to have reduced their carbon footprint while also be saving thousands on electric costs.