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600 kW
Escalon, CA
Project Details
E&R Prins Dairy is an established dairy farm located in Escalon, CA. Like most dairies, E&R Prins Dairy is known for their milk production.


The dairy operation was experiencing high energy costs as a result of pumping water from their well pumps to irrigate their corn fields. E&R Prins Dairy utilizes the corn from their corn fields as cow feed to nourish their herds. With the need to lower their monthly expenses top of mind and the drive to maximize efficiency in view, E&R Prins Dairy thought that solar energy would be the be best approach for attaining their goals.


E&R Prins Dairy officially decided to move forward with a solar project in 2017 and chose to partner with Sunworks for the whole process. As a result, Sunworks was able to install a 600 kW fixed ground mount solar power system at the E&R Prins Dairy facility to help offset the electricity that was powering their well pumps.


Sunworks anticipated that the E&R Prins Dairy solar project, when complete, would produce approximately 928,136 kWh in the first year. It is because of this, that the dairy operation will continue to experience significant savings in the future and will have a positive impact on the environment for years to come.