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1004 kW
Woodland, CA
Project Details
Project Type: DC Ground and Roof Mount
Payne Farms is a family owned sunflower farm in Yolo County, CA that specializes in producing high quality products. Over the years, Payne Farms has grown to become a diversified agriculture operation as they also produce alfalfa, corn, safflower, rice and tomatoes. They've also nestled into the development of almond and walnut orchards to expand the variety of crops that they grow.


With sustainability in mind, Payne Farms wanted to look for ways to reduce their high electricity costs each month as much of their electrical usage was derived from pumping their wells and powering their sunflower dryers. They came to the decision that solar power energy was the best solution to lower their operating expenses.


Sunworks assessed that Payne Farms could fit a sizeable 1004 kW solar power system at their faciliity in the form of ground mount arrays and roof mount arrays atop their buildings. Solar energy gave Payne Farms a result that would help them reach their goals of reducing operating costs and saving on monthly expenses.


Sunworks anticipated the Payne Farms solar project would produce approximately 788,227 kWh per year when complete. All in all, this solar power system will help this agribusiness continue to produce high quality products for years to come.