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April 12, 2023

Recycling Solar Panels to Drive Environmental Change

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As solar panels become more and more common, we’ve been thinking about how to effectively dispose of them when they reach the end of their lifespan. By 2050, 2 billion solar panels will have become waste and we’re determined to do something about it!

That’s why we’ve teamed up with ZEEP to create a program that enables recycling 100% of decommissioned solar panel material and creates zero landfill; every last bit of the panels are recycled.

Sunworks will source decommissioned hardware through our operations and maintenance service and then transfer these damaged panels to nearby warehouses for ZEEP to collect. Once collected, the panels will be broken down into their component parts for reuse in the making of new solar products – reducing the reliance on virgin materials and preserving natural resources.

We’re so excited to collaborate with ZEEP and put our sustainability mission into action – helping reduce waste and protect our planet in the process! Learn more about this program by reading the full press release and visiting ZEEP’s website.

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