Sunworks to Bring Solar to Nevada Residents Following Encouraging Public Utility Commission Net Metering Decision

RENO, NV–(Marketwired – September 21, 2016) – Sunworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), a leading provider of solar power solutions, announced that the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (NPUC) made the decision on Friday to allow homeowners with active Net Metering applications dated before January 1, 2016 the ability to revert back to full credit Net Metering rate structure. The decision to “grandfather” homeowners with active NEM applications creates the opportunity for Sunworks to assist nearly 15,000 eligible Nevada residents to acquire a premium solar system.

In 2015, the NPUC decided to change the Net Metering Rates, imposing higher service fees, and dramatically reducing the value of energy exported by rooftop solar systems. Sunworks, unlike other solar integrators, made the decision to remain in the Nevada market, delivering solar to commercial customers, as well as making its services available to all Northern Nevada residents.

Sunworks sees this decision as the first critical step in rebuilding the residential solar market in Nevada. Sunworks’ will be available to assist all eligible Nevada residents whose projects were placed on hold, including those residents who have found their contractor to have abandoned the Nevada market.

“It was devastating to see many of clients’ investments from the past 10 years decimated,” said Travis Miller, Project Manager for Sunworks NV and founding board member of the Great Basin Solar Coalition. “This decision is the first step in correcting the prior ruling, and Sunworks is well-positioned to rapidly respond, assisting the thousands of Nevada residents who have been waiting to secure the benefits of solar energy.”

Jim Nelson, Sunworks CEO, concludes “We are eager to assist Nevada residents moving forward with their solar projects. Today, thousands of customers have a restored opportunity to benefit from this decision. Sunworks will continue providing the hard working and independent people of Reno the opportunity to experience benefits of owning their power.”

Sunworks would like to invite any Nevada residents who have or had eligible reservations to contact them for assistance and pricing on a solar electric system. Sunworks can be reached at 866.600.6800, or at

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