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December 4, 2023

The Future is Electric: Powering Up Multi-Family Buildings with EV Chargers

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As we stand on the brink of an electric future, it’s clear that the world is shifting gears towards electric vehicles (EVs). With an estimated 26.4 million EVs expected on U.S. roads by 2030, the demand for accessible EV charging stations is accelerating rapidly​​. This surge in EV popularity isn’t just a trend—it’s a transformation, and it brings a unique opportunity for multi-family building owners.

Why Apartment Buildings Need EV Chargers Now

For multi-family building owners, installing EV chargers isn’t just about staying ahead of the curve; it’s becoming a necessity. The growing number of EV owners among your tenants, coupled with increasing regulatory requirements, means that providing EV charging solutions is fast becoming a part of the modern amenities expected in residential buildings. In fact, new regulations may soon require up to 20% of parking spaces in new buildings to be equipped for EV charging​​.

The Sunworks Advantage: Expertise in EV Charger Installation

At Sunworks, we understand that installing enterprise-level commercial EV chargers is a complex task, requiring a broad set of skills. Our extensive experience in surveying, designing, procuring, interconnecting, and installing over 27,000 solar projects over the last two decades and multiple EV charger projects in California and elsewhere equips us with the expertise necessary for your commercial EV charger installation​​.

Key Considerations for EV Charger Installation

  1. Site Assessment: We begin with a detailed assessment of your building’s electrical capacity, the distance to the electrical service panel, and other electrical loads. This step is crucial to ensure that the installation is tailored to your specific site requirements.
  2. What Charger is Right for You?: Depending on your electrical capacity, budget, and the needs of your residents, our team can help you determine what type of charger is right for you. Level 2 chargers assigned to specific residents? Faster, Level 2+ chargers shared by all tenants? Maybe you want to make them available to the public during certain hours to increase your revenue? We can help you.
  3. Permits and Logistics: Navigating the maze of permits and approvals from local authorities, including fire, electrical, and building departments, is an integral part of the process. We also coordinate with stakeholders such as local power companies, electrical contractors, and municipalities.
  4. Electrical Upgrades: Depending on your existing infrastructure, upgrades like increasing the capacity of the electrical service panel or installing new electrical conduits may be necessary.
  5. Safety Standards: Adhering to the highest safety standards is paramount. This includes compliance with fire and electrical codes and potentially installing additional safety equipment like emergency shut-off switches and arc fault circuit interrupters​​.

Embracing a Greener Future

As multi-family building owners, the shift to electric vehicles offers a unique opportunity to enhance your property’s value, meet regulatory requirements, and cater to the evolving needs of your tenants. With Sunworks, you’re not just installing EV chargers; you’re powering up for a sustainable, electric future. Call 866-600-6800 or visit us online to get started today.

For more insights and assistance on installing EV chargers in your apartment buildings, visit Sunworks EV Chargers.

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