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December 6, 2021

The Smart Way to Implement Commercial Solar

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Energy rates are changing soon under NEM 3.0, but there are smart ways businesses can save on solar before 2022. As with any project, thoughtful execution is vital when going solar. With the planned net metering changes set for early next year, many businesses are wondering how to lock in existing rates without rushing implementation.

Here are a few tips we have for executing a solar project quickly and effectively.

Audit energy needs

Auditing your business’s energy needs is one of the first steps to get the most out of a new solar project. Installing enough energy production potential will minimize how often you have to draw from the grid (and therefore pay for electricity). However, because utilities will provide a reduced credit for electricity sent back to the grid, producing electricity beyond what you use in a year will be less of an advantage. Reviewing past utilities bills and outlining planned usage increases can help your business install a solar energy system that’s just right.  Strategizing ahead of time is key.

Make the most of your site

Every energy system is different, especially on commercial projects. With a commercial system, you have multiple options to make the most of your site.  Options include installing solar on the ground, your building’s roof, or on shades over parking. A solar professional can help you analyze which option is best for your business’s location and goals.

Coordinate engineering, procurement, and construction

Once you know your business energy needs and site potential, your system will still need to be engineered and acquired. Coordinating between engineering and system procurement can help speed up your solar project. A good engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solar company can design the best system for your site with appropriate, available parts. Streamlining these two pieces can make construction go faster.

Overall, we recommend systematic, thoughtful solar implementation for businesses. While submitting your system application before NEM 3.0 may feel like a fast turnaround, there is a smart way to do it.

Eager to take the next step? Read the latest policy updates about NEM 3.0 here or chat with one of our specialists about a solar strategy for your business.

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