What Does the CPUC’s NEM 3.0 Proposal Mean for the Solar Industry; and What Can We Do to Stop It?

On December 13, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced its NEM 3.0 policy proposal, which would impose the highest state solar tax in the U.S. and create a major setback to California’s clean energy efforts. 

If NEM 3.0 passes, it will reduce bill credits for California solar adopters, add monthly fees for residential grid access and take away many incentives for making the switch to renewable solar energy. This will result in continued dependency on the state’s already over-burdened power grid—leaving it vulnerable to outages and blackouts; and it essentially reverses progress the state has made toward a more sustainable future. 

The good news is the proposed modification to the current California net metering program is not yet final. The floor is now open for a comment period until the commission makes a final ruling on or after January 27. 

It is time for the solar industry and those passionate about impacting climate change to take action. Below are some important details about how to make your voice heard:

  • Provide public commentary about the proposal here.
  • Contact Governor Gavin Newsom regarding NEM 3.0’s policy here.

Sunworks, Inc. will continue to share new information regarding this decision, so stay tuned for new updates about NEM 3.0.

Let’s work together and fight hard for the democratization of solar for all!