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slider image Respect for the environment, care for the future

Building a Brighter Future Starts Today

Sunworks is committed to being the best employer, the best steward of our environment and the best member of our community that we can possibly be.

The World has Changed the Way it Does Business

As a renewable energy company, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns are at the heart of everything we do. It is our firm conviction that companies should prioritize business and personal practices that engender responsible and ethical treatment of our environment and our fellow human beings.

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We Think That’s a Great Thing

We believe an increased focus on ESG issues is one of the greatest developments in the modern business environment, because it helps to bring corporate profit motives more in line with ethical behaviors. Studies show that today, companies that score high on ESG measures tend to have higher employee satisfaction and better long-term growth. That benefits all of us.

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”What gets measured gets managed.”
— Peter Drucker
Management Consultant & Business Philosopher

Measuring Our Impact and Striving to Do Better

Having a strong commitment to ESG means constantly seeking areas for improvement. And improvement requires tracking and measuring our impact on the environment, the community, and our people. Here are a few of the many initiatives Sunworks has underway or is in the process of exploring, and how we measure our progress.

Employee Experience
All of our success starts with our employees. For this reason, employee satisfaction and engagement are among our top priorities at all times. Open communication between the Sunworks ESG Committee and our employees fosters productive dialogue and helps us create the best possible work environment, where everyone feels welcomed and valued. Employee experience initiatives range from improvements to the physical workspace and its amenities to recognition for our employees’ outstanding work at Sunworks and in the community.
Carbon Reduction
One of the benefits of working in the solar energy sector is the satisfaction of seeing the positive impact your work has on the planet. In 2021, Sunworks installed nearly 30,000 kW worth of solar arrays, creating a carbon offset of over 1,300 trees saved. It is incredibly encouraging to know that as Sunworks grows, so does our contribution toward combating climate change.
Renewable Energy Jobs
By creating renewable energy jobs, Sunworks is contributing to building a stronger, more diverse and more resilient economy. We are proud to help make our communities more sustainable by supplying the tools to produce more clean, domestic energy at a time when it’s needed most.
Solar Panel Battery Recycling and Repurposing
In 2021 alone, Sunworks recycled 293 decommissioned or faulty panels, preventing them from ending up in landfills. We are currently working to expand our recycling program capacity for an even greater impact. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of re-purposing structurally sound panels to help provide energy in impoverished areas around the world.
Local Community Impact
Sunworks supports a variety of community and nonprofit organizations that are making a positive impact for those who need it most. Additionally, we encourage and acknowledge our employees for the positive impact they make through individual community service and volunteerism.