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  • August 25, 2016
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When we first met with folks at Sacramento Republic FC, they shared how much the community meant to them and this region. We wanted to be a part of their purpose and vision to make the Sacramento region into the most inspiring, energetic and rewarding place to live, work and play. Sunworks has always had a very generous referral program for our customers. If someone provides a referral via our PowerPay Referral Program that results in a solar installation, we provide a referral reward bonus to the referrer for their support.

We decided, the only thing better, would be not just rewarding the person who referred us a new customer, but also a donation to a Glory Glory Sacramento approved charity in their name. So from today forward, if you refer Sunworks a new solar customer, we will not only give you a $500 referral bonus, we match it and donate $500 to the Glory Glory Sacramento Fund Charity of your choice.

Your indomitable hearts will support so many worthy local causes!

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Sacramento Republic FC President and Co-Founder, Warren Smith, shows his support for a Glory Glory Sacramento Fund partner on the pitch.

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Supporting Indomitable Causes

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916 Ink

916 Ink transforms low-income students, ages 4-18, into published authors and confident writers. We do this by empowering students in the Sacramento region with creative writing, thereby developing strong readers and inspired writers who lead a higher quality of life due to increased literacy skills and improved academics. Since 2012, 916 Ink has published over 1900 young authors in 58 different publications which are sold online and in book stores.

By transforming every day kids into articulate, published authors, 916 Ink is giving Sacramento youth the gift of becoming productive, creative members of our community and future workforce. We hope you will join us as a dedicated partner and invest in the future of Sacramento’s young people.

Capital Dance Project

Capital Dance Project (CDP) is a collaboration of professional dancers with ties to the Sacramento area that aim to elevate the spirit of the community through the performing arts. CDP works collectively to engage the Sacramento community in affordable performing arts experiences during the summer; a period that is normally a time of unemployment for Sacramento’s resident professional dancers.

CDP provides resident artists with an opportunity to: pursue their art form, make a sustainable living, and participate in society by using a performance as a platform to express their voice. CDP’s goal is to demonstrate the real and lasting impact that the arts have on society and inspire our community to explore Sacramento’s varied arts scene.

Center for Land-Based Learning

The mission of the Center for Land-Based Learning is to inspire and motivate people of all ages, especially youth, to promote a healthy interplay between agriculture, nature, and society through their actions and as leaders in their communities. This is accomplished through hands-on education programs that connect participants to agriculture and natural resource conservation.

College Track

College Track believes all students, regardless of zip code, have the skills, talent, and ability to succeed. Yet, the hard reality remains that low-income and first generation college students face an array of obstacles on their path to a four-year degree. To overcome those obstacles, College Track’s ten-year program provides each student with academic support, leadership training, advising, and scholarships starting the summer before 9th grade through college graduation. Our mission is to empower students from underserved communities to graduate from college. We believe students from all backgrounds deserve a fair chance at receiving an opportunity to succeed.

Community Outreach Academy Elementary School

Gateway Community Charters, and the Community Outreach Academy were founded with a commitment to develop the academic talents of its students, while nurturing their appreciation and understanding of their rich cultural heritage, and the place they take as citizens in our state and nation. In providing a multicultural education, including curriculum representing the student’s language and literature of their heritage, delivered in a supportive environment, the faculty will develop the student’s ability to apply lessons as they grow and maximize their individual social, academic, and personal development and contribute to our diverse community.

Cristo Rey High School

Cristo Rey High School Sacramento (CRHSS) provides a transformative college preparatory education for students with very limited financial means. Cristo Rey Sacramento is part of the Cristo Rey Network and among 30 schools across the country which has been lauded for providing inner-city youth with a rigorous college prep education. This education equips young people with knowledge, character and the necessary skills to transform their lives and their future. Unlike traditional private high schools, Cristo Rey is only open to students who are living in poverty.

Students of all religious and ethnic backgrounds are welcome at Cristo Rey. Through a demanding academic program, the extraordinary dedication of our teachers and staff, and the discipline instilled through our unique Work-Study program, we have been successful in preparing our students for college. In fact, our average college acceptance rate is 97%. Cristo Rey truly is a “School that Works”.

Food Literacy Center

Our mission is to inspire kids to eat their vegetables. We teach low-income elementary children cooking and nutrition to improve our health, environment and economy.

La Familia Counseling Center, Inc.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for at-risk youth and families of diverse backgrounds by offering multicultural counseling, support and outreach services and programs to help families to overcome adversity, to become empowered, and to succeed in their lives.

Runnin’ for Rhett

Our mission is to inspire people to Move into Life. We do this through our vision of nurturing healthy communities through fitness and nutrition.

Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps

The mission of the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps (SRCC) is to enrich the lives of young adults by providing a development program integrating education, job skills training and work experience on conservation projects and service opportunities that benefit the region and our Cadets and Corpsmembers.

Street Soccer

Sacramento California Street Soccer USA (SSUSA) is a local Sacramento charity that that serves women, who have experienced homelessness and addiction, and their children. The Sacramento program leverages strong connections with several local social service agencies and local addiction rehabilitation centers to deliver impact and increase its visibility across the region. The organization additionally drives sport-for-development through running soccer after school programs in underprivileged neighborhoods. SSSUSA is affiliated with the Street Soccer USA national organization (SSUAA), which administers sport for development programs in 18 US Cities. SSSUSA believes ending homelessness is a team sport. Through a systematic approach, SSSUSA builds community, trust, and well-being, transforming the context within which they live.

The Mission of the SSSUSA program is to build life-changing community based sports programs that reach the least served communities in our region. In Sacramento we are doing this by harnessing the power of soccer to break the cycle of homelessness, addiction and abuse in women and children by empowering them to overcome adversity and become leaders in the Sacramento region.

Student Reach

StudentReach exists to develop the potential of students through empowerment, coaching, mentoring, and volunteering.

The Powerhouse Science Center

The mission of the Powerhouse Science Center is to serve as the epicenter for STEM education, exploration and promotion for northern California’s Capital Region.

Waking the Village – Tubman House

Waking the Village’s mission is to offer housing and support so that Sacramento County’s homeless, parenting or pregnant youth and their children can get busy living rather than surviving. Through Tubman House, young parents experience healthy living, intensive case management, parent coaching and educational support so that they leave prepared to be leaders in their own lives, and leaders in the lives of their children and communities.

Yolo Farm to Fork

Yolo Farm to Fork is a nonprofit organization supporting edible school gardens and providing garden-centered and farm-based education to students. We are dedicated to bringing locally grown farm-fresh food to school meals and to reducing waste through recycling and composting. Our programs provide the real-life resources for kids to improve nutrition habits, fight obesity, and integrate garden learning with classroom instruction while sustaining edible school gardens.

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