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slider image Going solar can make your industrial business more self-sufficient and more resilient

Build a Brighter Future
With Solar Power

Going solar can make your industrial business more self-sufficient and more resilient, lower your monthly operating costs, and improve your public image.

”Energy consumption at the packing facility in the Lodi facility is driven largely by cold storage and we were able to offset 60% of our draw by installing solar (with Sunworks).”
— Rivermaid Trading Company

What Can Solar Do For My Industrial Business?

Businesses in the industrial sector are increasingly opting for solar power, and it’s easy to see why. From high rates of energy consumption to ideal installation sites, industrial and manufacturing businesses are some of the best candidates for the unique benefits of solar power. Here are a few of the reasons your industrial business should go solar now.

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Slash Your Monthly Bills
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the industrial sector is the most energy-intensive sector of the economy, consuming 54% of the world’s delivered energy. Going solar can eliminate or dramatically reduce your utility bill, adding up to huge monthly savings.
Realize Fast ROI
Typically speaking, the larger your solar power system, the lower the cost of acquisition per watt due to economies of scale. This means that industrial businesses with large solar arrays often recoup their investment in a shorter time frame than almost any other use case.
Protect Against Rising Utility Costs
While utility rates continue to go up year after year, going solar allows you to pay a fixed monthly cost for your system and lock in your current utility rate.
Ideal Installation Sites
Though any site can be outfitted with solar, industrial facilities are among the best suited for a large scale solar array. Large flat roofs with ample space and little shade make for high-efficiency operation and easy installation and maintenance.
Grants, Tax Incentives and Rebate Programs
Federal, state and local governments offer a variety of financial incentives for solar power, helping to offset the initial cost of installation and make your system even more cost effective for the long term.
Show Your Commitment to Renewable Energy
Solar power is 100% clean, sustainable, and renewable energy. Going solar makes a positive impact on the environment and appeals to eco-conscious consumers, investors, and potential employees.
Start Saving on Day One and Pay Off Your System Fast
Sunworks will provide you with a set of financial solutions that establish the path toward long-term stability, predictability and cost savings. Our solar purchase and lease structures are designed to provide you with the most appropriate options and competitive rates available.
Rapid Rack: Faster Installation, More Savings
Sunworks’ Rapid Rack revolutionizes the solar installation process. Our simplified, highly efficient system saves you money, reduces installation time and provides a more aesthetically pleasing array. Rapid Rack is far superior to the standard clamping technology used by other solar providers.
Rivermaid Trading Company / Chiles Wilson, Jr.
“We have enjoyed the process of seeing our 1.47 megawatt solar project come to fruition and now begin saving millions of dollars in electricity costs at Rivermaid. We are very satisfied with Sunworks' ability to facilitate the entire process from design to final permit. Sunworks was able to stay on schedule and get our system in before the tax deadline. ”
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No More Unpredictable Rate Hikes

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