Protect your investment.

Like every other investment you make, your commercial solar system needs regular maintenance to keep its value.

A solar operation and maintenance package is a great way to make sure your system is operating at peak performance consistently over the course of its lifetime.

What is O&M?

Above and beyond the standard manufacture’s warranties, Operations & Maintenance includes managing service and repair as needed, as well as preventive maintenance throughout the year. There are a ton of reasons to have an O&M plan, but the most important is the payback you get; the highest system efficiency possible which translates into more energy production and lower electric bills.

Why O&M?

Having an Operations & Maintenance plan brings peace of mind. If your system is underperforming because of equipment or environmental reasons, Sunworks technicians will perform physical repairs to your panels, inverters, or whatever area of your array is affected. Our O&M plans also cover regular checks on your system to confirm that it is always operating at its best.

Think of us as a part of your team; operating, maintaining and monitoring your system for optimal performance.

Our experienced technicians conduct component checks, annual production analysis, and determine when your solar panels require cleaning. We look out for your investment by making sure that your system performs consistently over the course of its lifetime, well beyond expectations.

Sunworks Extended Maintenance Plan: full coverage for any commercial system.

Solar is incredibly resilient, but things can still occasionally go wrong. This premium contract is available for any system; those installed by Sunworks, or any other solar company.

Our proactive approach guarantees you the best return on your solar investment and provides preventative maintenance to ensure superior photo voltaic performance.

  • Comprehensive annual 17-point Preventive Maintenance Inspection and Testing including a full report
  • All manufacturers recommended annual maintenance is completed on the preventative maintenance
  • One annual solar panel cleaning is included, with an option for semiannual cleaning
  • Maintenance Plans have a term of ten years; a five-year term is also available
  • After options are selected, an O&M Agreement is drafted and provided separately

Existing Sunworks Customer?

You're already covered!

Any number of issues can arise in the coming years, but with a solar system installed by Sunworks plan you’re fully protected at no extra cost.

  • Equipment warranty and Sunworks workmanship, as specified in the EPC
  • Proactive monitoring to determine inverter underperformance or malfunction, to minimize system down time and reduce utility bill costs
  •  Sunworks Service Technicians visit site for troubleshooting and efficient resolution of issues
  • Replacement of inverters and modules covered under the manufacturer’s warranty period
  • Replacement of other components required such as fuses, breakers, wire, etc.

The Sunworks Promise

We provide our customers a quality of service we believe no other company can match. We deliver quality service to maximize your investment in solar with a transparent approach to what we do. You’ll receive speedy, honest communication that removes the stress of maintaining a solar system, and you will always receive competitive pricing from Sunworks—we commit to being the best value option for all of our customers. Together, we protect your investment.