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Protect Your Investment

Maintain peak performance and maximize the long-term value of your solar installation a Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Plan from Sunworks.


What is Sunworks O&M?

Sunworks Operations & Maintenance Plans help to ensure peak year-round performance and maximum lifespan for your solar array. These plans go above and beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranties, which only cover defects in the panels and other components of your system. Sunworks O&M Plans help to maximize your return on investment and increase your peace of mind.

Solar is incredibly resilient, but there are plenty of unforeseeable circumstances that can damage your system or diminish productivity over the lifespan of a solar installation. With Sunworks O&M, you can rest assured that you’re fully covered.

More Than a Cleaning

A Sunworks Operations & Maintenance Plan provides the essentials like equipment and workmanship  warranties, as well as visits from a Sunworks technician for troubleshooting.  This ensures the best possible return on your solar investment. Regular preventive maintenance, inspections, testing, cleaning, and an annual production analysis ensure your system is generating power as expected.

Which Plan is Right for You?

Sunworks O&M Solutions are available to Sunworks solar power system customers as well as organizations that have had a solar array installed by a non-Sunworks provider.  Contact us to create a tailored solution that’s just right for you!

Better Service, Superior Value

Sunworks aims to provide a level of service no other company can match. We achieve this through fast, honest communication and a transparent approach that removes the stress of maintaining a solar array. Combined with competitive pricing, this helps us maintain our position of offering the highest value to all of our customers.

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