• December 2, 2014


Sunworks will help you make informed decisions when selecting a solar solution. We assist you with understanding the configurations available in today’s market including differences and trade-offs among various solutions.

Sunworks will provide you with a set of financial solutions that establish the path toward long-term stability, predictability and cost savings. We work closely with your team to develop a comprehensive, long-term plan that yields measurable payback over the lifespan of the system. We work with design engineers to develop a financial model that considers all rebate programs and interconnection efficiency to achieve the highest returns possible.

We recommend custom tailored solutions that are suitable for your unique cash flow and tax requirements considering various ownership models, including:

  • Direct purchase
  • Equipment lease
  • Capital lease
  • Debt financing
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA)

Our solar purchase and lease structures are designed to provide you with the most appropriate options and competitive rates available.