Farm Credit


Established over 100 years ago, Farm Credit is a network of organizations that provide loans, leases and financial services to farmers, ranchers and rural businesses across the U.S. (and Puerto Rico).

Farm Credit’s main focus is on agricultural and rural America. They help fund America’s food, fuel and fiber, while supporting rural communities through the financing of clean water, energy and communication needs.

This network comprises 75 independently owned and operated Farm Credit organizations. Like Sunworks, these organizations are well established in the communities they live and work within, giving them a deep understanding and appreciation for agriculture.

Did you know?
July 17, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Farm Loan Act (FLA) into law, the first step in creating the Farm Credit System. 


Farm Credit to Finance Solar

At the core of Farm Credit is the sustainability and viability of agriculture.

Farm Credit leasing delivers the benefits of leasing solar by reducing expenses, lowering taxes, providing access to better equipment and giving farmers more control over their balance sheets.

This is where leasing makes sense to us. A commercial solar lease is the best option for your agricultural or commercial entity. Sunworks takes the initiative to work with well-established financing brokers who have access to the best rates, which are passed on to your business.

A solar lease allows you to own your own power production in approximately ten years, and during the term of the lease, you only pay a fraction of the cost that you currently pay on your utility bills.


Benefits of Solar Leases for Your Farm:

  • 10-year initial term
  • Fixed 20% purchase option in the tenth year
  • Off-balance-sheet operating lease, meaning any existing credit lines will be unaffected
  • Fixed escalator for the term
  • Immunity to utility grid price increases based on system output
  • Solar leasing is a good choice to fix an unknown in your expenses while helping our country and our planet

If you have a need to reduce your operating expenses, enjoy a negative interest rate term, and looking to reduce your carbon footprint, call Sunworks today. An experienced agriculture representative will help you navigate the process to get your solar project installed.