Owning vs. Leasing

  • September 20, 2018

Owning vs. Leasing

Making the decision to go solar is the first step to gaining energy independence.

The next step is understanding what financial solution is best for you

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Owning vs. Leasing

Should you own or lease your solar power system? It all depends on your financial goals, needs and priorities. The main difference between buying or leasing your solar system is the ownership. When you choose to buy the solar power system, you own the actual system, either by purchasing with cash or after paying back your loan. When you lease the solar system, a third party owns the system. The two different options will impact the cost, the responsible party for maintenance and operation of the system, the terms, the actual financial offsets, the return on your investment, and the overall financial savings.

Sunworks will provide you with a set of financial solutions that establish the path toward long-term stability, predictability and cost savings. We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive, long-term plan that yields measurable payback over the lifespan of the system. We work with design engineers to develop a financial model that considers all rebate programs and interconnection efficiency to achieve the highest returns possible.

We recommend custom tailored solutions that are suitable for your unique cash flow and tax requirements considering various ownership models. Our solar purchase and lease structures are designed to provide you with the most appropriate options and competitive rates available.

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