• February 24, 2016

Ygrene Energy Fund

Ygrene Energy Fund is a leading provider of clean energy financing for residential and commercial properties throughout the United States. Ygrene provides special financing known as Property Assessed Clean Energy (P.A.C.E.) which allows you to finance improvements to your property by putting the financed amount on your property tax bill. Ygrene offers their program in partnership with your local city or county government. The partnership enables the program to provide low cost financing over long terms with zero money out of your pocket. With Ygrene, you will save energy and money and your city gets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ygrene funds can be used by both residential and commercial property owners. Funding is available for any project that creates renewable energy such as solar, saves energy such as a high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system and water conservation projects such as net-zero landscaping.

Contact us today to learn more about using Ygrene for your solar system installation.

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Why Solar

There are many benefits to going solar:

  • No upfront costs to install your system
  • You can dramatically reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bill
  • Shield yourself from future energy rate increases by municipalities
  • Gain independence from utility company
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Protect the environment
  • GUARANTEED production for 25 years
  • And much, much more!

Learn more today about why you should go solar!

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Cost of Solar

Sunworks is a unique solar installation and consulting company with financing and leasing options for residential, commercial, and agricultural solar electric systems. Sunworks understands there is no “one size fits all” solar solution, so we pride ourselves on taking the extra time to provide you with the best financing option to fit your goals and your budget.

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