25-Year Worry-Free Warranty

  • August 4, 2015

25-Year Worry-Free Warranty

Our comprehensive 25-year warranty works in parallel with all the traditional manufacturer warranties. This 25-year warranty reflects our commitment to professionalism, trust, and service.

Our installation teams, including certified journeymen, electrical trainees, apprentices, and construction crews, consist of solar industry veterans who will proactively integrate all facets of your final design seamlessly and without operational disruptions. Working with Sunworks, you will receive single provider support and coordination.

We have the expertise to ensure that your installation is completed on time and within budget. All of our on-site construction services are protected by our 25-year warranty. The Sunworks’ construction team will complete your project with minimal interruption to your business.

Our entire project is performed with minimal interruption to your business and is backed by our 25-year construction warranty.