Design and Engineering

Working with Sunworks, you will receive the benefit of having experienced and certified professionals who are detail-oriented, methodical, and pay careful attention to your project. We design and engineer custom tailored solar systems that surpass industry standards to give you high yield performance with longevity. We analyze your current meters and determine how best to offset their consumptions.

Our engineering questions provide insight into how we approach every design:

  • Will these meters be allowed to aggregate?
  • How about your main electrical panel or transformer?
  • Is it Net Energy Metering (NEM) or Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEMA) that fits your operation the best?
  • Are utility upgrades even necessary?
  • Is there a better solution available?

During this phase, the actual components of your solar system will also be determined. It takes more than just good technology. We have an in-house team made up of seasoned, electrical and mechanical industry veterans from the industry. They will select the proper components, specifically tailored for your performance needs, that minimize electrical loss during transmission, optimize inverter loads and wire runs, and take advantage of every design efficiency possible.  This work takes expert talent that combines industry knowledge with exceptional education and experience, because design and engineering matter in your solar installation.