Evaluation and Strategy

Working with Sunworks, together we focus on what matters by discovering, understanding, and solving the challenges that your business faces.

Our teams adapt to your expectations, help to identify your priorities, and we will steadily advance our efforts to meet your desired goals. We work together, to understand your current operation and to hear your goals.

Is it a viable rate of return that’s specifically tailored to your long term financial projections? Perhaps the aesthetic design of your solar system is most important to you? Together, we will explore and address the questions that directly impact your operation, including your energy usage patterns, rate of return, sustainability and operating cost reductions.

Our team will perform the due diligence necessary to gather data about your business, property lines, flood zones, local restrictions, and help to determine your required electrical capacity, solar metrics, and load characteristics. Maximizing your desired outcome is our mission and we take this process very seriously. We advocate for your energy return on investment (ROI), because understanding your goals and priorities matter in your solar installation.