Solar Operations and Maintenance

  • August 29, 2016

Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Services

A solar panel maintenance package is a great way to have your system looked over throughout the year to maximize performance and prevent costly repairs. All of our Sunworks specialists are specially trained to properly clean and check all components of your solar energy system.

We are pleased to announce the Sunworks Operations and Maintenance Service to better meet the needs of our customers and provide the most effective service dedicated to fostering communication and efficacy. Our expertise in solar ensures our customers are taking full advantage of their solar system to its full potential.

People like you choose Sunworks to enjoy the maximum return from their solar system, to optimize solar production, have ease of mind, and protect their capital investment through Solar/PV O&M.

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Why Maintain Your Solar Investment

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  • Maximize the energy generation
  • Prolong the operating lifetime of installed systems
  • Optimize the value of maintained PV systems to provide higher return on investment
  • Ensure production goals are met for better planning
  • Your insurance policy against soiling

O&M Services

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  • Quality testing on system installed
  • Annual audits with production reports
  • Panel cleaning
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The Sunworks Promise

We treat your solar system as if they are our own systems on our homes. We will provide the utmost care and quality services to maximize your investment in solar. You will receive top priority communication with Sunworks, we will reduce the stress of maintaining a system because we’re the experts, and you will always receive competitive pricing from Sunworks! We commit to be the best value option for all customers. And best yet, you do not have to be an existing Sunworks solar customer to enjoy the Sunworks Operations and Maintenance quality service and care!

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