System Component Procurement

  • December 2, 2014

System Component Procurement

We will recommend components that are specific to your application needs to ensure maximum performance of your solar system. We have cultivated professional relationships with multiple manufacturers of panels, inverters and mounting systems. Through our extensive supply chain research, partner studies, and relationships with manufacturers, we will help you choose the products that will serve you best.

Rapid Rack Ground Mount System

Our innovative, clamp free racking system with insertion rail technology prevents damage and production loss in solar systems. Rapid Rack’s insertion rail technology allows for panel expansion during hot summer days without creating stress points that could otherwise cause energy production losses. Rapid Rack’s insertion rail design enables solar panels to generate electricity without losing hours of production time.

Its high-level engineering includes a fully integrated wire management tray with galvanized components, minimizes the risk of disruption that can be caused by environmental elements or even animals. The system also uses 28% fewer parts than clamp-based racking systems. Rapid Rack was solely designed and engineered for ground mount installations and includes our 25-year warranty.