System Component Procurement

Working with Sunworks, we have an obligation to recommend components that are specific to your application needs to ensure maximum performance of your solar system. Through our extensive supply chain research, partner studies, and relationships with manufacturers, we carefully consider each component and how they will serve you best.

All of our products, from solar panels to inverters, mounting systems, and other system components are selected based on many years of experience, technical study, and field testing results. In addition, our manufacturer’s ability to honor warranty commitments is vital to our business philosophy.

Our very own Rapid Rack ground mount racking system provides the additional benefit of fully integrated wire management trays that utilize galvanized components. This system’s clamp-free nature helps prevent damage and production loss without the use of outdated, over-torqued clamping methods; ensuring optimal power output.

We know our component specifications and how to select them for your application needs, because a balance of systems procurement matters in your solar installation.