Warranty, Operation and Maintenance

Working with Sunworks, we become part of your team in real-time by operating, maintaining and monitoring your system for optimal performance.

Our pledge to you is an assurance unmatched by other solar companies in the industry. It centers around our comprehensive, 25-year warranty that works in parallel with all of the traditional manufacturer

product warranties that are associated with your installation. It involves our direct partnership with you for the next 25 years and reflects our commitment to professionalism, trust, and service.

Sunworks ensures our 25-year warranty obligation by setting funds aside in a warranty reserve that serves to cover warranty claims. To top this worry-free, 25 year warranty, we offer operation and maintenance services that include daily monitoring, alerting, and reporting system based on live performance data. Our in-house technicians monitor your site daily. Such data allows us to diagnose and address issues quickly. Our goal is to minimize any potential downtime so that you can focus on your core business operations.

Our experienced technicians conduct component checks, annual audits, and determine when your solar panels require cleaning. We make sure that your system performs consistently over the course of its lifetime, well beyond expectations, because operation and maintenance matters in your solar installation.