Warranty, Operation and Maintenance

  • December 7, 2016

Warranty, Operation and Maintenance

We will be your partner by operating, maintaining, and monitoring your system for optimal performance. Our comprehensive 25-year warranty works in parallel with all the traditional manufacturer warranties. This 25-year warranty reflects our commitment to professionalism, trust, and service. Your system will be monitored by Sunworks based on live performance data that allows us to diagnose and address issues quickly. Our goal is to minimize any potential downtime so that you can focus on your core business. Sunworks technicians will check your components, analyze your annual energy production and determine when your solar panels need to be cleaned. We ensure that your system performs flawlessly over the course of its operational life.

Annual preventative maintenance inspection and testing

  • Inverter inspection, check fuses
  • Module inspection, check attachments
  • Check for broken or faulty modules, wire connections
  • Racking inspection, check attachments
  • String testing, current voltage (IV) curve test for performance
  • Inspection of panels, disconnects and switchgear
  • Check terminations and meet manufacturer torque specifications
  • Switchgear maintenance
  • Tracker maintenance, such as motor checking, grease necessary fittings

Panel cleaning

  • Solar panels should be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum performance
  • Cleaning is an integral part of maintaining your solar investment
  • Cleaning minimizes the potential   damage from vegetation and pests

Operation and maintenance (O&M) solar system monitoring

  • 24-hour data collection monitoring
  • 8-hour monitoring performed by O&M monitoring specialists
  • Monitoring specialists cover regular business hours
  • Annual monitoring performance report