System Offerings

  • December 2, 2014

System Offerings

We deliver high performance solar power systems

We focus on what is most important for our customers and only recommend options that meet their goals, priorities, and overall challenges. Our recommendations provide financial savings and deliver long-term value. We work with our customers to safeguard their investment and protect them from rising utility costs. Sunworks has designed and constructed over 3,200 solar projects. At Sunworks, we believe in developing solar projects based on direct immersion with your business processes. We strive to continuously learn about your business in order to provide you with the most appropriate recommendations for your solar project. Our focus includes improving the on-boarding process, preparing you for a successful solar future, and initiating a long term, trustworthy alliance.

With approximately 200 highly qualified and dedicated employees, Sunworks has been strategically expanding its footprint throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Florida, Texas and Massachusetts. As one of the top solar system providers in the nation, we have established an agile, partner-centric network that has led to over 162 MW in solar projects to date.

System Component Procurement

We will recommend components that are specific to your application needs to ensure maximum performance of your solar system. We have cultivated professional relationships with multiple manufacturers of panels, inverters and mounting systems. Through our extensive supply chain research, partner studies, and relationships with manufacturers, we will help you choose the products that will serve you best.

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