Dual Axis Trackers

Dual axis trackers offer optimal efficiency and solar tracking capabilities by tracking the sun throughout the day. While single axis trackers follow the sun across a horizontal plane, dual axis trackers move in circular path, directly following the sun. Since the solar panels mounted on the dual axis trackers are always directly facing the sun, these solar systems can generate 30 to 40% more electricity than a fixed-mount solar systems, depending on the geographical location of the solar system. Overall system size requirements, local weather and electrical requirements must be considered when deciding what type of solar tracker is best suited for a specific project. Using a solar tracker can help with certain Time-of-Use (TOU) utility rates as increased power production can help maximize the energy gains during peak time periods.

The Sunworks construction team will follow all the requirements set forth by the National Electric Code and Public Utility Commissions. We follow all industry best practices and comply with state regulations to ensure the safety of our installation team members working on your site. Our entire project is performed with minimal interruption to your business and is backed by our 25-year construction warranty.