Universal Racking Solutions


Made in the U.S.A.

Universal Racking Solutions (URS) is a solar mounting system manufactured in this great country.

The Universal Racking Solutions unique insertion rail technology allows for quick installation and produces an aesthetically superior array. The system reduces approximately 21,000 parts per MW assuming the standard clamping technology of the competition.  This greatly reduces installation labor costs. Additionally, the unique design reduces fastening time and parts loss in the field.

This system supports solar modules by allowing for thermal expansion and contraction. Solar module life span can be increased by the reduction of hot spots that can be created by standard mounting methods.

Built, American Tough.

Universal Racking Solutions rail profiles are engineered for a maximum strength-to-weight ratio. It is constructed of optimized aluminum allowing for maximum strength and durability. It also has corrosion resistant materials (6005 alloy aluminum & ASTM A123 galvanized steel supports) that exceed industry standards.

The system is UL 2703 compliant and undergoes UL’s quarterly manufacturing standards investigation to maintain the 2703 recognition.

The system has been confirmed through testing to be a continuous bonded grid, thus reducing grounding hardware required with installation.


The Universal Racking Solutions Advantage

Quality, Price and Flexibility

This versatile ground mount system is scalable for large, medium and small projects. Its simple construction, minimal parts, innovative insertion rail technology, and on-site flexibility deliver rapid, cost-effective installations. It is also suitable for various terrains and site conditions due to its flexibility pile positioning and design adaptability.

Insertion Rail Technology

The advanced insertion rail design dramatically reduces installation, time and labor. With no clamps to fasten, modules are inserted quickly and easily into rails for a beautiful gap-free module spacing and optimized power density. Each additional row of modules only requires one additional rail. This reduces additional parts and labor as your solar system grows with your expanding needs.


Adaptable and Flexible Pile Positioning

Pile Positioning can be challenging with tough terrains, but not with Universal Racking Solutions. The slot along the Base Rail enables piles to be positioned simply on the rail length, allowing the system to easily adapt to varying site conditions.


Optimized Tilt

The pile bracket is versatile; one part enables customizable tilts from 10-50 degrees for site-specific adaptation, power optimization or wind load reduction.