Roof Mounted Systems

  • December 2, 2014

Roof Mounted Solar Systems

Installing solar on rooftops is a great way to generate clean energy; solar panels can be installed on many different types of roofs. Solar rooftops are a popular and an economical solution for a wide range of industries, including agricultural, commercial, industrial, public works and residential. A roof is typically unused and unobstructed space on top of the property, installing solar is a great way to leverage this space.

Roof mounted systems can be a small 2kW system all the way to large multi-megawatt systems. There are different mounting options for different roof types. While Southern exposure is ideal in most cases, East and West facing surfaces can work with different utility rate schedules as well. We will also consider the potential shading from surrounding structures, buildings, poles or trees.

A Sunworks custom designed system for each owner allows for optimal performance and return-on-investment. Our entire project is performed with minimal interruption to you and is backed by our 25-year construction warranty.