Solar Products, Services, and Financing

An Energy Service Provider (ESP), Sunnova helps finance solar installations and is a one-stop source for repairs and maintenance. This means full warranties and protection on solar systems and batteries. Our service is 100% compatible with Sunworks solar energy products and integration solutions.

Sunworks + Sunnova: Working Together to Help You Go Solar

Home and business owners across the nation have depended on Sunworks to commission high performance solar power systems. A Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) member, it works with commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, federal, and public works customers. Sunnova is proud to partner with Sunworks to ensure the latest energy solutions are accessible so people can be energy independent. Customized finance options help make clean energy affordable.


Sunnova offers industry-leading solar battery solutions that integrates innovative technologies from Tesla, Solar Edge, Generac, and others. Not to mention an unbeatable warranty. Repairs and maintenance are covered by Sunnova and not a contractor that may not be in business for the life of your solar system. Consumers are often drawn to low interest loans from providers like Loanpal, Dividend, Sunlight, or Mosaic, but only we offer the complete, lasting coverage to ensure your solar investment truly pays off.

Sunnova Products

Sunnova offers many options to help you afford a complete solar installation. Able to accommodate any home or budget, these include:

  • Solar Lease: Payments are levelized to an affordable monthly rate. There’s no upfront out-of-pocket costs and you’ll pay less for electricity, while the plan includes a production guarantee.
  • Purchase Power Agreement (PPA): If your utility provider charges a high rate, you can lower your rate for electricity and pay only for what the system produces. You don’t pay anything upfront.
  • Levelized PPA: Combines the benefits of no upfront out-of-pocket costs with low electricity rates, levelized monthly payments, and a 100% production guarantee.
  • EZ Own Loan: The only loan that offers a production guarantee, our EZ Own Loan is available with 10- and 25-year terms and an interest rate as low as 0.99%. Includes full wrap warranty covering labor and roof penetration. Does not affect debt-to-income ratio and yields a 26% tax credit.

The Sunnova protect Warranty is included with all products. It includes:

 – 25 Years Labor

 – 10 Year Roof Penetration

 – 25 Year Coverage for Tesla, Generac, and LG Batteries

 – System Monitoring

We offer both the Sunnova Protect™ plan for our home solar and battery storage system, and Sunnova Protect™ Services for home solar systems purchased elsewhere

Generac & Sunnova

Storage Solutions

Generac PWRcell energy storage systems offer great solutions for Sunnova solar panels

Generac & Sunnova

Generac’s partnership with Sunnova will help provide top quality solar energy  storage options

Generac Clean Energy

Generac is a leading global supplier in backup energy power and storage systems. Contact us today to learn about how Sunworks can help install your Sunnova and Generac products.

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See how much you could be saving today


Click the button below to fill out a form to see just how much you will save with solar from Sunworks.


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