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Why Solar

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Solar Power: The Path to a Brighter and More Affordable Future

Discover the benefits of a custom solar power system from Sunworks.

Join the Solar Revolution

Every year, thousands of businesses and homeowners transition to solar power. Here’s why:


To paraphrase Ben Franklin, “The only sure things in life are death, taxes, and rising energy rates.” Lucky for you, a solar power system can save you from the curse of never-ending energy rate hikes by:
  • Reducing or eliminating your monthly electric bill
  • Locking in your current utility rates for the long term
Additionally, various federal, state, and local programs offer incentives such as rebates, tax write-offs, and utility credits that can significantly reduce the up-front cost of a solar power system and further reduce your monthly energy expenses.
Together, these benefits add up to huge long-term savings for your home or business.
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Own Your Power

When you depend on the utility company for electricity, you’re effectively renting energy. A solar power system allows you to own your power, breaking free from arbitrary rate hikes and energy policy changes.

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Raise Your Home or Business Value

Energy can be one of the largest monthly expenses for homeowners and business owners alike. A solar power system, due to its ability to cut or eliminate monthly utility expenses and its long expected lifespan, typically raises the value of a home or business by a significant margin.

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Go Green

Solar power is the most abundant form of renewable energy on the planet. Going solar is a great way to do your part in helping transition to a greener and more sustainable future. And for business owners, making the commitment to running on clean, green solar power sends a clear positive message to eco-conscious consumers, investors and potential employees.

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Why Choose Sunworks?

All in One

Sunworks handles every phase of the process in-house, from the surveying and planning stages all the way through construction and post-installation maintenance. This holistic, unified approach helps us reduce cost, keep project times to a minimum, and ensure the highest quality.


Sunworks has been a leader in the solar industry since 2002, helping hundreds of homeowners and business owners achieve energy independence and lower their carbon footprint. Our experienced team will deliver the perfect solar power system for your needs, no matter your property size, energy requirements, or unique challenges.


Integrity is priority number one. We stand by our work with an industry-leading warranty that ensures your system is fully covered and never misses a beat (or a ray of sunlight).

Ready to Make the Jump?

Take the first step toward a more affordable, more sustainable, greener future by requesting your free quote from Sunworks today.

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