Building Strong Communities Through Local Investment

Strengthening the communities we serve is fundamental to the future of our business. As we grow nationally, our roots remain strong within local neighborhoods and communities we work in. Our community support spans the spectrum. We have donated solar panels for local residential and commercial projects, invested in promoting solar innovations, supported philanthropic endeavors, and assisted non-profits in addressing critical needs.

Each year we are approached by hundreds of community organizations with requests to sponsor their events and fund-raising campaigns. Because we receive so many requests it’s impossible to accommodate each one. Although we have already selected the organizations that we will be providing financial assistance to, we would be more than happy to consider donating an appropriate raffle or auction gift for your event.

Sunworks Inc. | Community Investment

Sunworks in the Community

Habitat for Humanity

Sunworks donated a system to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore location in Marysville, California. Not only are we installing a 10.2kW system for Habitat, we are also educating students on solar, how solar energy is produced for power, and how it saves money. We are most excited in the opportunity to educate these students on how to install solar with the hopes of sparking their interests in solar technology, renewable energy, and solar installation!

Sunworks also partnered with Habitat for Humanity to fund the full installation of solar panels to a home for a low-income family in need of a home. Our donation not only produces energy for the new home, the solar panels are helping the family save on overall monthly energy costs. Sunworks is committed to providing affordable energy solutions in all the communities we serve.


U8 Timberwolves Softball Team Sponsorship

Sunworks continues to foster a culture of engagement with families in the community. We understand when families thrive, the communities we serve thrive. It is our pleasure to support international organizations as well as local youth teams and clubs. The support saves families from expenditures such as uniforms, travel expenses, and equipment.

Donation Request Form

The following are guidelines to submit a request for a donation:

  1. Request must be received by Sunworks at least 60 days prior to the event.
  2. Only one request may be submitted per calendar year per organization.
  3. All donations must be picked up from the Sunworks Corporate Office within seven calendar days from the original contact (stating that the donation is ready) or that donation will be forfeited.
  4. In the form below, be sure to state the purpose of the event and the number of expected participants.