What to Expect with Sunworks

Our success is based solely on our commitment to provide the best customer experience for every solar project we design and install. We conduct our business using three distinct guiding principles; doing right by the customer, being the best value option, and following through on our commitments.

You Have a Friend in Solar

sunworks-solar-friendshipYou have the Right to Be Your Own Utility Provider

We fight for consumer rights to take their power back. We fight to educate consumers on the truth about the drawbacks of leasing solar. We are fighting greed. As with all industries, there are good apples and bad apples. Generally speaking, energy suppliers have a monopoly. They pretty much determine the rates they want to charge their customers, with the exception of a few regulations.

You Have the Right to Own Your Solar Power

Another form of greed is within the solar industry itself. Some of our peers actually coerce customers into leasing their residential solar solutions instead of advocating for first-party ownership. These customers make payments on the solar panels; however, they never actually own the panels. Leasing solar without a path to ownership merely moves the customer from serving one master to another. Customers who lease their solar systems do not benefit from the available tax incentives because they don’t actually own their solar system, the company who leases the system retains ownership and thereby receives the tax benefits. Some of these same companies also provide financing directly to customers, only to profit from the interests paid by those customers over the lifetime of the loan.

Our advocacy for first-party ownership brings customers one step closer to true energy independence.

We Make Switching to Solar Simple

sunworks-solar-agribusinessSunworks is committed to structuring your solar project so you achieve optimal environmental and financial results. With over 30 years of experience, we understand every step of the process and will assist you from inception to monitoring and maintaining your system for the next quarter of a century. We work closely with you each step of the way to ensure every aspect of your project has been evaluated, reviewed, analyzed, and verified.

Commercial Projects

For commercial projects, our dedicated team assists you through any of our individual RFP services. We guide you through the entire process, from the RFP evaluation and integration, to project management and continue to provide you with annual maintenance as needed. Our sales, installation, and management teams are experienced, well-trained, and ready to walk you through the process of going solar. Contact a Sunworks representative today and start saving today.


We Are Not Beholden to Special Interests

We are not a panel manufacturer and we don’t have a financial lending package to sell you. We advocate for you to own solar. We take the time educate ourselves on the available solar panels the market offers to select the appropriate solar panel time for each individual project. We evaluate companies and products based on their warranty, company stability, product quality and price. Being flexible allows us to be independent and competitive in the solar market.

Sunworks prides itself on being your true fiduciary by only recommending what is best for your individual, unique needs.

We Only Provide the Best Options the Market has to Offer

We will forecast your project and production expenses so you receive the maximum return on your investment and minimize your upfront costs and risks. We design custom systems that reduce specific energy needs. We do this by meeting with our customers at their homes, businesses, or even their ranch.

Sunworks commands great product rates because of our market position and strength. Our extensive experience finding programs to help customers afford solar allows us to provide you with more options.

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With You for the Long-Term

Sunworks only designs and installs solar systems. We are passionate about pushing the industry to create more sustainable energy solutions for the world. We are a publicly traded company, with over 30 years of proven experience. We back your project up and our commitment to you through our 25-year business warranty.

These principles support our unprecedented service and safety oriented approach, enabling you to produce optimal solar power while reducing your energy expenses and carbon footprint on the environment. These very standards are the reasons you can trust that Sunworks will provide you service and results that exceed your expectations. 

Whether you need a little help along the way or throughout the entire process we are here for you.

This is backed by our Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.

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