Working with Sunworks


At Sunworks, the core foundation to your success rests on our commitment to providing superior customer service – regardless of the project’s size or complexity. Our work is based on a core set of values, a commitment to ethics, and a long term service philosophy for helping customers succeed. We believe in doing right by the customer, being the best value option for them, and always following through on our commitments.

We Are With You Over the Long Term

For Sunworks, there’s no such thing as a one-off project. We’re with you on all fronts over the entire duration of an installation’s service life. We help you face all of the headwinds that are encountered when doing business with the energy industry, providing consultative support along the way. Sunworks is on the frontlines, educating customers about solar, sustainability, and how to navigate the political landscape of ever-changing utility rates.

Solar Power is a Universal Right

We establish trustworthy relationships with local utility companies by understanding and working through their operational needs. As a result, we’ve built a transition strategy that eases customers through the interconnection process. Ownership of panels, lease agreements, and tax incentives must be clear and unambiguous. There’s no middle ground. We’re an advocate for first-party ownership without the fine print. Our goal is to bring you one step closer to true energy independence, free from the daunting path to ownership that typically lays heavy on the shoulders of solar customers.

We Help You Seamlessly Transition to Solar

Our team works with you to develop a tangible solution that achieves optimal environmental and financial results. We’re helping to navigate and build projects together, from inception to maintenance, over the entire 25 years of your system’s lifespan. This means that every step, every detail, and every aspect of your project undergoes a real-time, comprehensive analysis that’s intended to bring you results, from financial savings to technical performance.

We Know Commercial Solar Design

Sunworks has over 30 years of experience in building solar systems for commercial, industrial (ACI), and agricultural institutions. Our highly trained, certified teams are committed to helping your organization achieve peace of mind across all phases of a project. We walk through the process together, working as a valued added partner, so that you don’t have to act alone.

Energy Independence is for You and not the Special Interests

We believe in true public advocacy, free from the influence of product resale and financial lending quotas. As a result, we’re not beholden to any special interests and we can recommend an ideal solution for your needs based on an extensive evaluation of our manufacturers. Our “Powered by” initiative establishes a rigorous qualification process. Partner products that we recommend have earned this coveted symbol through an exhaustive testing process for reliability and performance.
In addition, we independently confirm and verify their warranty, operational stability, and price. Sunworks is a true fiduciary partner that understands that success is based on tailoring to the individual, unique needs of our customers and not to special interests.

Over 30 Years of Industry Experience

Founded in 1983, Sunworks, Inc. is a premier provider of solar power solutions. We are committed to quality business practices that exceed industry standards and uphold our ideals of ethics and safety.

Today, Sunworks continues to grow its presence, expanding nationally with regional and local offices. We strive to consistently deliver high quality, performance oriented solutions for customers in a wide range of industries including agriculture, commercial and industrial; federal; public works; utility; and residential. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our 25-year warranty, a benchmark that we standby to support our customers above and beyond their expectations.

Sunworks’ diverse, seasoned workforce includes distinguished veterans who are devoted to providing the very best customer experience. All of our employees uphold our company’s guiding principles each day.

As a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SUNW), we’ve built our success on customer trust that helps others reduce their energy expenses, lower carbon footprints, and achieve optimal solar performance.

You Only Deserve the Best Options Available in the Market

Sunworks conducts in-depth financial forecasting of your project, ensuring that a maximum return is generated every day that your installation is online. Through financial analysis and planning, your investment risk is minimized, free from upfront costs or hidden fees. Sunworks is always present in homes, businesses, and farms, designing and maintaining systems that continuously generate a full ROI. Through our strong market position, we can connect you with solar programs that truly complement your operational needs.