03-01-16 : Solar3D, Inc. Rebrands Parent and Subsidiaries as Sunworks, Inc., Changes Stock Symbol to SUNW

12-01-15 : Solar3D Closed the Acquisition of Elite Solar

11-23-15 : Solar3D Issued Revenue Guidance for 2016 of $100 Million

10-28-15 : Solar3D CEO Jim Nelson Appointed to UC Santa Barbara’s Institute for Energy Efficiency Director’s Council

10-06-15 : Solar3D Appointed Shane Mace to Board of Directors

03-03-15 : Solar3D Completed Acquisition of MD Energy

02-10-15 : Solar3D Named Tracy Welch as Chief Financial Officer

12-09-14 : Solar3D’s SUNworks Division Achieved SunPower Elite Status

11-12-14 : Solar3D Announced Expansion into Nevada Solar Market

09-11-14 : Solar3D Announced Battery Storage Solutions for Solar Energy Systems

08-19-14 : Solar3D Pursued International Patent Protection for Its Breakthrough Solar Cell Technology

02-03-14 : Solar3D Completed Acquisition of SUNworks

02-26-13 : Solar3D Filed PTC International Patent Application for Breakthrough 3-Dimensional Solar Cell

01-03-12 : Solar3D Set World Record for Silicon Solar Cell

11-15-10 : Solar3D Submitted Patent Application for Breakthrough 3-Dimensional Solar Cell

11-09-10 : Solar3D Appointed Changwan Son Director of Technology

10-25-10 : Solar3D Began Trading Under Stock Symbol SLTD