Sunworks Advantage

  • March 2, 2016

Our goal was simple. Dedication to Quality, Ethics and Safety.

We are committed to quality business practices that exceed industry standards and uphold our ideals of ethics and safety. With more than 230 highly qualified and dedicated employees, Sunworks has been strategically expanding its footprint throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, Florida and Texas along with partnerships across the United States. As one of the top solar system providers in the nation, we’ve established an agile, partner-centric network that has led to over 90MW in solar installations to date.

Our Promise

  1. Do what is best for our customers
  2. Be the best value option
  3. Do what we say we will do

Go to Core Principles

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Become your own power company

We admit it, we love the sun. The sun is an incredible resource for power and we want to help everyone take their power back by lessening their reliance on the utilities. Sunworks believes that anyone can become their own power company by simply producing their own electricity for their home or business use.

We focus on what is most important for our customers and only recommend options that meet their goals, priorities, and overall challenges. Our recommendations provide financial savings and deliver long term value. We work with our customers to safeguard their investment and protect them from rising utility costs.

Once you decide to switch to solar, we take care of everything else.

Our approach to customer service is rooted in our operational philosophy of focusing on what our customers truly need. Sunworks makes a customer’s priorities our own and we have a track record of success. Sunworks makes getting started with solar in three easy steps:

1. Align energy needs with best solar and financial option available
2. Design and install your solar panel system
3. Turn on your solar system, so that you may enjoy your energy savings

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